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Salt Lake
Center for Spiritual Living

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Ric Sharette

Music Director, Singer/Songwriter, Guitar

Ric Sharette was raised in Michigan in a very musical family and began performing professionally with his parents and siblings at age 16 singing jazz, pop and traditional standards at public and private events, touring the midwest and Europe. Ric studied music performance, theory and composition in college. At night he led a dance band at local clubs, singing and playing trumpet and guitar.


Ric moved to Utah in 1980. He joined the LDS church and served as a Stake Music Chairman for many years. He started a professional a cappella vocal jazz quartet that performed many of his arrangements over a dozen years. He is an accomplished songwriter, inspired by a wide spectrum of styles and a broad experience in musical theater, professional choirs, dance bands, a cappella groups and conducting. He has served as the Music Director at the Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living for 24+ years. 


Ric says, "I believe that music is a powerful, buoyant, evocative and healing energy, and I'm driven to play in that energy every way I can". 

Chamaigne Sharette

Singer/Songwriter, Hand Percussion

Chamaigne Sharette thought she was a star at age 5 when her mother, an opera student at the U of U, put her in front of a microphone and started recording the family singing four part harmony.


Chamaigne received private vocal training in Jr. High, High School, and College. She has performed and recorded with folk, rock, blues, jazz and reggae bands and as a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator, Singing Belly Dancer, and Singing Fairy Godmother.


In 2000, she discovered New Thought and finally had a way to bring together music and spirituality. She performed weekly at a Vedic-Christian-New Thought church in Iowa for several years before moving to Austin where she performed at a variety of churches. Later, she served briefly as Music Director for a small CSL in Draper before she met and married Ric Sharette and joined the Salt Lake Center in 2012.


Chamaigne says, "When the Spirit that Moves Through All Things moves through me, it SINGS its way out into the world again."

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DelAnn Haslam

Lead Singer

DelAnne Jessop Haslam is a native Utahn, born the youngest of five and at age 3 began performing with the family band The Jessop Family Singers. She hasn’t stopped performing since. She loves to sing all genres of music and has sung in children’s groups, choirs, commercials, operas, plays, sporting events, and bands. But her favorite gig is singing with The Center for Spiritual Living Band every Sunday morning. 

DelAnne was introduced to the Center For Spiritual Living in 2014 when she and her sister were looking to add some spiritual community into their lives. Ric and the band kept them coming back long enough to hear the Science of Mind message and she was hooked. She took the foundations class and a few other courses and then began singing with Kopo on Sundays in 2015. She even spent a few months as music director before she took a much-needed hiatus in 2016. In 2017 Ric invited her back as special music and then invited her to stay on with the band.


"I was ecstatic and feel so blessed to sing with my community of spiritual friends each week." 

Lezlee Monroe

Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard

Lezlee Monroe was born in Logan, Utah. She has been songwriting since she was 6 years old, has had ten years of classical piano training, ten years of voice study with celebrity vocal coach Brad Chapman, over ten years experience playing in bands and music groups and has created ten + albums of mostly her own music from 1982 through 2018.

Her preferred subject matter of songwriting has been of things of a spiritual nature and personal evolution.

She became acquainted with Science of Mind studies in 2017 and was the Satya Center for Conscious Living Music Director until they went virtual in 2019.  She has had 2 years of Science of Mind study. She has had a passion for writing transformative and affirmative songs, discovering (to her delight) that there is a genre and community for these kinds of positive songs. 

She has played off and on with the Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living music team since 2017.

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Drew Binkerd


Drew Binkerd started with a love of surf rock as a young child, Beach Boys, The Ventures, etc... As well as a love of classical music that was nurtured byhis parents and Grandparents.

His mother introduced him to the Cello when he was 8 years old, which he picked up quickly! He had the honor of being accepted into the Utah youth Symphony when he was 9 and continued performing with the symphony until he was 15 years old when among other things, he found Heavy Metal! Booyah!

He has and continues to perform with various outfits and groups spanning the full gambit of musical taste. Rock, bluegrass, country, funk and even a little rap.


"I found the center in 2009 after searching for a place to call my spiritual home. Getting to know Raj, Geri, Ric and so many of you wonderful people I knew that I had found my spiritual community."

He has also served many leadership roles within the Masonic fraternity, Ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for children, and other philanthropic pursuits.

Ricardo Romero


Ricardo Romero was born and raised in Salt Lake City where he started playing music in restaurants at the age of 15. He studied music in Elementary, Junior High, and High School and with many great drummers and percussionists.


While performing at a concert with Jen Hajj over ten years ago, he met Ric Sharette and began to play here at the Center.

Ricardo says, “The Center for Spiritual Living has changed my life in so many ways. I'm so honored to play with so many great and wonderful musicians that inspire me. I love the message of CSL and the many inspiring Speakers.

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Rory Norseth


Rory Norseth, aka, the No Account Drifter, enjoys putting story to song and performing them for anyone who wants to listen.

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